Mai Kim Phượng

My good impression of the Practicum course at Sylvan Learning was the positive attitude and professional guidance of Ms. Trang and Ms. Raquel. During the teaching practice periods, they continuously put us in the challenging situations so that we could gain more valuable teaching experiences. I really had 30 hours of productive learning and I […]

Nguyễn Hồng Nga

At the beginning, I was wondering what I would learn for only 2 weeks of the TESOL Practicum. Despite the pressure of a tight schedule, I enjoyed the chance to practice as an English teacher at Sylvan Learning English Language School. The working environment at Sylvan Learning is very friendly & professional, where I can […]

Lê Hữu Hồng Chuyên

Regardless of only being a short course, both the Norwood English 120 hour online part and the Sylvan Learning 30-hour practicum part of TESOL course did provide me with a great deal of useful knowledge and skills for teaching English as a foreign language. Having no experience in teaching English, I have enrolled in the course with a many expectations and eagerness and now, after completing the course with a TESOL Certificate […]

Đỗ Quốc Phong

The course is very informative and practical, especially the practice. All feedback, games, techniques are realistic and insightful. Online course and practice fit each other like 2 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Lê Thị Thu


Cô Lê Thị Thu, học viên của Sylvan Learning Hải Phòng, Giảng viên đến từ trường Cao đẳng Hàng Hải Hải Phòng. Cô đã 47 tuổi nhưng vẫn xuất sắc đạt được điểm số IELTS 6.5 trong kỳ thi ngày 19/3/2016.Cô Lê Thị Thu, học viên của Sylvan Learning Hải Phòng, Giảng viên đến từ trường Cao […]

Nguyễn Thị Tú Chinh

I couldn’t have done it without Sylvan Learning’s.I personally think your style of teaching us is the best – particularly the dedication your tutors put in making themselves available at all hours. You are a fantastic organization supporting your students all the way. To the managers, I couldn’t have done it without Sylvan Learning’s.I personally […]