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Allocated time: 60 minutes

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Part 1: For questions 1 – 40, choose the best word or phrase (A, B or C).

Test Focus Points Quantitative Questions
Vocabulary & Grammar
(1pt / each)
40 40 MC no graphic

1. ‘What’s ______ phone number?’ ‘It’s 554 3874.’


2. ‘I _______ got a computer but I’ve got an iPad.’


3. ‘I love Rita Ora! ______ her?’

    ‘No. I prefer Ed Sheeran.’


4. ‘Messi’s the ______ footballer in the world.’
‘No, he isn’t. Ronaldo is!’


5. That’s Jana. She’s ______ to her friend.


6. ‘Where ______ you yesterday?’

‘I was at my grandmother’s house.’


7. I ______ to the radio every day.


8. ‘What’s the time?’

    ‘It’s twenty ______ eight.’


9. I usually _______ up at eight o’clock. Then I have breakfast.


10. ‘Do you like maths?’

      ‘No, I don’t. It’s really ______!’


11. He usually meets his friends on Saturdays but today he ______ with his sister.


12. ‘What are you doing tonight?’

      ‘I _______ basketball with Michael. Do you want to come?’


13. What time _______ leave for school?


14. ‘______ a good time at the party?’

      ‘Not really. I was bored!’


15. ‘Have you got _______ good DVDs?’

      ‘No, I haven’t. I watch everything online.’


16. ‘Do you think they ______ the match?’

      ‘I don’t think so. They’re playing very badly.’


17. ‘Excuse me, how do I get to the sports centre?’
‘Go straight on, then ______ the second left. It’s opposite the school.’


18. Can you ______ your shoes, please? We can’t wear them in the house.


19. ‘Can I help you?’
‘Yes. I ______ a packet of crisps, please.’


20. She’s very ______. She talks to everyone.


21. While we ______ to school, it started snowing. It was beautiful!


22. ‘______ water do you drink every day?’
‘I usually drink one or two litres.’


23. If ______ to the concert later, ______ with you.


24. ‘______ the new Taylor Swift song?’
‘Yes. It was on the radio this morning.’


25. You ______ tell anyone – it’s a secret.


26. More than 6,000 languages _______ in the world today.


27. He never ______ his bed in the morning.


28. ‘I’d like a _______ of orange juice, please.’
‘Of course. Here you are.’


29. He’s a _______. He writes articles for the newspaper.


30. They’re scared ______ the dark. They always sleep with the light on.


31. I forgot ______ my homework last night.


32. No-one can play the guitar _______ him.


33. ‘What ______ if you ______ €100 in the street?’
‘I’d give it to the police.’


34. I’ve got a terrible cold. I’m staying at home ______ I can get better.


35. ‘Look! There’s Hans.’
‘It ______ Hans. He’s on holiday at the moment.’


36. Did you _______ invent games when you were young?


37. He said he _______ me last night but he didn’t.


38. I’m _______ ! I missed the bus and I had to walk here!


39. I always have to _______ the washing-up after dinner.


40. ‘Do you ______ that you stole the money?’
‘Yes! I never steal because I know it’s wrong.’


Part 2: For questions 41–60, choose the best word or phrase (A, B, C or D).

Test Focus Points Quantitative Questions
Vocabulary & Grammar
(1pt / each)
20 20 MC no graphic

41. ‘Where are you? ______ here for an hour.’
‘Sorry. I missed the bus.’


42. I wasn’t ______ stay out late when I was young. I had to be at home by 7.30pm.


43. This film, ______ won three Oscars, stars Johnny Depp and is directed by Tim Burton.


44. You’ve just won a prize for your paintings, _______?


45. I _______ go home now. It’s nearly dinner time.


46. I wish I ______ as well as her. She’s got such a lovely voice.


47. You should always ______ your computer when you finish using it.


48. Joni ______ her life in order to save her little brother.


49. That’s ______ ! They’ve got more dessert than me!


50. They were friends for a long time before they started ______.


51. ‘Have any of you studied German before?’
‘No, ______ of us have.’


52. By this time next week, we ______ our exams and we’ll be on holiday!


53. ______ from the city, I didn’t know where anything was.


54. I thought you ______ here earlier.


55. ‘I can’t find my phone.’
‘______ left it on the bus?’


56. It was ______ bad day that we decided to stay at home.


57. ‘Who would like to be in charge ______ cooking the dinner?’
‘I will. I don’t mind doing that.’


58. The film didn’t ______ our expectations. In fact, it was terrible.


59. If you’re angry, just tell him. You should get it off your ______.


60. By the end of this course, you should be able to ______ in English in most



Test Focus Points Quantitative Questions
(2pt / each)
20 10 MC no graphic


Read the text below. For question 61 – 65, choose the best answer.


61. What does the writter say about cars in the first paragraph?


62. What was the problem with the first electric cars?


63. What does ‘them’ (line 5) prefer to?


64. What’s the topic of paragraph 3?


65. How does the writer feel about electric cars?


Read the text below. For question 66 – 70, choose the best answer.


66. What’s happening to musical instruments?


67. How does the writer feel about the oldest instrument in the world?


68. What does ‘others’ (line 11) prefer to?


69. What is the advantage of apps like Garage Band?


70. Choose the best title for the article.



Test Focus Points Qualitative Questions
Writing 20 100-120-words writing

Write a story titled It was a day to remember. Include the following:

  • what happened
  • how you felt
  • why you’ll always remember it

Write a 100–120 words.


với phương pháp CLIL (Tích hợp nội dung – ngôn ngữ) lồng ghép nội dung học đa dạng về văn hóa, xã hội, khoa học và Project-based Learning (Học theo dự án) thúc đẩy sự sáng tạo, chủ động trong các hoạt động học tập


để phối hợp Nghe – Nói – Đọc – Viết hiệu quả, hình thành sở thích đọc sách, phát triển tinh thần thích khám phá, chủ động tìm kiếm thông tin


với các bài tập làm quen đề thi Cambridge STARTERS – MOVER – FLYERS, vừa giúp đạt kết quả thi mong muốn, vừa cải thiện hiệu quả học chính khóa


qua phương pháp English 21+ và Project-based
Learning (Học theo dự án) chú trọng hoàn
thiện kiến thức tiếng Anh học thuật (vốn từ, cấu trúc ngữ pháp,
ngữ điệu…) và kết hợp thực hành,
tương tác theo tình huống
giao tiếp thực tế


là bộ kỹ năng quan trọng để phát triển trong thế kỷ 21
(gồm Tư duy phản biện – Sáng tạo – Hợp tác – Giao Tiếp),
tạo nền tảng tốt cho định hướng học tập và lựa chọn
nghề nghiệp tương lai


với các bài tập làm quen đề thi Cambridge KET – PET
– FCE giúp tăng sự tự tin và sự chuẩn bị kỹ càng cho
các kỳ thi tiếng Anh quan trọng (IELTS, TOEIC, SAT…)

Vui lòng nhập lại thông tin, chúng tôi sẽ gọi lại bạn