BÀI THI THỬ General english TẠI SYLVAN

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1. I _____ a student of English.


2. This is Carlos. He’s _____  .


3. She’s from Tokyo. She _____ Japanese.


4. They _____ Spanish. They’re from Italy.


5. _____’s your first name?


6. These are your books and _____ are mine.


7. I love music but I _____ like TV.


8. _____ she like sport?


9. When _____ have lunch?


10. Do you like _____ DVDs?


11. They start _____ school at 8.00 in the morning.


12. Peter’s _____ name is Michael.


13. She’s very friendly but she _____ very quiet.


14. He hasn’t got _____ brothers and sisters.


15. How many children _____ got?


16. There are a lot of CDs on the _____ .


17. _____ a sofa and two armchairs in the living room.


18. Are there _____       wardrobes in the bedroom?


19. The cinema is _____ the bank.


20. Can I have a _____ of milk, please?


21. You _____ buy shoes in a post office.


22. How _____ vegetables do you eat every day?


23. Is there _____ butter in the fridge?


24. He _____ afraid of the dark when he was young.


25. We _____ born in 1985.


26. My birthday is on _____ September.


27. They _____ to France when they were six.


28. _____ did you last see them?


29. They went for a picnic with some friends _____ Sunday.


30. We went _____ at the weekend.


31. _____ they do a lot of sport when they were at school?


32. Is Chinese food _____ than English food?


33. He stayed at the _____ hotel in town.


34. Today is _____ than yesterday.


35. They _____ their homework now.


36. What _____ doing at the moment?


37. What _____ your sister look like?


38. She _____ jeans to work.


39. They _____ a taxi to the airport an hour ago.


40. He goes to work _____ train.


41. Can you tell me the _____ to the library?


42. You _____ drive a car in the centre of town. It isn’t allowed.


43. You _____ to walk, you can take a bus.


44. He _____ to move to another country.


45. I’m _____ learn to cook.


46. We walked ten kilometres so we _____ hungry now.


47. Don’t stay up late or you _____ be tired tomorrow.


48. Let’s _____ tennis this afternoon.


49. I’ve got a bad headache. I _____ take an aspirin.


50. I woke up late _____ I missed my train.


51. Please turn the radio down. It’s _____.


52. Sorry, I don’t understand. Please speak _____.


53. _____ you ever flown in a helicopter?


54. _____ make you a coffee?


55. He _____ climbed a mountain in his life.


56. Our last family celebration _____ my sister’s wedding.


57. I _____ London because I got a job there.


58. When did she decide _____ married?


59. What’s the first thing you do when you ______ work?


60. She’s a very busy personal trainer so she _____ takes a holiday.


61. What _____ on at the moment?


62. I don’t mind _____ up sometimes.


63. Are you _____ the new exhibition at the National Gallery?


64. I _____ them for dinner at eight tonight.


65. Have you ever _____ a dangerous sport?


66. _____ wrote the play Hamlet?


67. I _____ dinner when I heard a strange noise.


68. You _____ be late for school again.


69. We should avoid _____ in August.


70. You _____ wear a suit. It’s a very formal party.


71. He’s studied Spanish _____ last year.


72. How long have you _____ him?


73. What’s the matter? Have you _____ a cold?


74. It _____ rain tomorrow. It’s going to be a very wet day.


75. I _____ wear a uniform to school.


76. They used to live _____ Australia.


77. There aren’t any cinemas in the town _____ I live.


78. I travelled around the world for a year _____ learn about other cultures.


79. He married the girl _____ used to sit next to him at school.


80. Children spend _____ hours watching TV.


81. Can I try this coat _____ , please?


82. I don’t have _____ to do the things I enjoy.


83. It’s_____ beautiful house I’ve ever seen.


84. There’s more traffic and _____ space to walk in the streets nowadays.


85. I think travelling by plane is _____ easier than travelling by car.


86. She worked as a teacher in _____ Africa.


87. The phone’s ringing. It _____ be Maria. She always calls me at this time.


88. He _____ to work in his company’s office in Shanghai.


89. I _____ that I’m like my father.


90. The postmen hasn’t delivered the parcel _____


91. My brother _____ passed his exams.


92. A lot of people think that if they _____ lots of money, they’ll be very happy.


93. What _____ happen if he doesn’t get here in time?


94. If you save some money, you _____ to worry any more.


95. He _____ me my book would be a great success.


96. She told me she _____ buy me a new one.


97. What would they do if they _____ have any money?


98. I’d do more exercise if I _____ time.


99. _____ be possible to reserve a table for tonight?


100. Could you _____ a good film?



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