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In the Reading test, you will read variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as posible within the allowed.

You must mark your answer on the seperate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book.


Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.

Test Focus Points Quantitative Questions
Reading (Vocabulary & Grammar)

(1pt / each)

30 30 MC no graphic

1. ______ the difference between the two brands is small, most consumers purchase the cheaper one.


2. Audience members were impressed that the question asked of the candidate was answered ________.


3. In an attempt ______ sustainable energy, city officials have had solar panels affixed to some public buildings.


4. The slow ______ of the fire department resulted in severe damage to the building.


5. After hours of searching, the source of the water leak was ______ identified by the plumber.


6. Please tell _______ that the workshop has been moved to Conference Room 402.


7. Highway 16 was widened over the summer to ______ the heavier traffic that is using the roadway.


8. Meal vouchers were given to Beta Airways passengers ______ were not able to depart on time because of a booking error.


9. The catalog for the gallery contains an accurate ______ of each piece of artwork that is offered for sale.


10. To ensure that old appliances are diposed of properly, the city will offer free removal of these devices ______ April 2 and April 5.


11. A buffet dinner is available to the guests, so they may eat ______ looks appetizing to them without having to place an order.


12. During the music festival, goods will be sold only by ______ vendors who have registered with the planners.


13. The grocery store chain Refresh Foods has ______ in organic products since it opened in 2001.


14. The malfunction of the printer was ______ a component that had been inserted incorretly during the assembly process.


15. The proposed holiday schedule is ______ to most workers because they feel it is fair.


16. The test will ______ prove whether or not the patient has the desease.


17. With over two hundreds unique stores, the Plainview Mall ______ millions of shoppers on an annual basis.


18. The participants will be judge on ______ performance, and the winners will be announced later in the awards ceremony.


19. The York Foundation is an organization that has been supporting ______ in medical technology for the past decade.


20. _______ the volleyball tournament is held indoors or outdoor depends heavily on the weather forecast for that day.


21. The company was under investigation after several former employees made allegations of unfair _______.


22. ______ joined Vince’s Gym, Mr. Pinter could attend group classes and health counseling sessions for free.


23. The best method for improving the _______ of your home at little cost is giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint.


24. Marketers believed that if the packaging were more ______ colored, consumers may pay more attention to the product.


25. The police officer directed the traffic ______ the detour ramp so that drivers could find the route easily.


26. Employees are asked to pair up with another ______ and check each other at the predetermined meeting place during fire drills.


27. The car owner submitted _______ evidence of the damage along with a mechanic’s report to his insurance company.


28. The restrooms on the second floor are ______ unavailable because one of the sinks is deing replaced.


29. Because our sales representatives meet with high-level clients in the industry, _______those with a professional manner will be considered for the position.


30. On next week’s radio program, our host will interview Kristen Dabney about her time working as an _______ for a UN official.


Part II

Directions: Read the text that follow. A word, phrase or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.

Test Focus Points Quantitative Questions
Reading (Vocabulary & Grammar)

(1pt / each)

16 16 MC no graphic

Questions 31 – 34 refer to the following notice.


31. (131)


32. (132)


33. (133)


34. (134)


Questions 35 – 38 refer to the following notice.


35. (135)


36. (136)


37. (137)


38. (138)


Questions 39 – 42 refer to the following advertisement.


39. (139)


40. (140)


41. (141)


42. (142)


Questions 43 – 46 refer to the following posting on a website.


43. (143)


44. (144)


45. (145)





Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine or newspaper articles, e-mails and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.

Test Focus Points Quantitative Questions
Reading Comprehension

(1pt / each)

54 54 MC no graphic

Question 47 – 48 refer to the following flyer.


47. What is indicated about TriStar Sports Gear?


48. How can customers receive a discount on a athletic shoes?


Question 49 – 50 refer to the following text message chain.


49. What kind of movie did Phyllis think the group was going to see?


50. What does jason mean when he texts, “I’m in!”?


Question 51 – 51 refer to the following article.


51. What is mention about the event?


52. What can be found on the library’s website?


Question 53 – 54 refer to the following invitation.


53. What most likely in Spring Valley Center?


54. Why is the event being held?


Question 55 – 57 refer to the following article.

Part7 Q55

55. What is the article about?


56. What is implied about Canadian residents?


57. In which of positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“A spokesperson for the wholesale giant Cashco confirmed on Monday that a branch will finally open in Lockland next month.”


Question 58 – 60 refer to the following article.


58. Why most likely would someone register for the event?


59. According to the article, who is not allowed to participate in the event?


60. What is the main goal of the Centerville County Shelter?


Question 61 – 64 refer to the following online chat discussion.


61. What is indicated about Winner’s Ale?


62. What will the group most likely do next?


63. What does Molly mean when she says, ” off the record”?


64. What is suggested about Jeff?


Question 65 – 67 refer to the following notice.


65. What is indicated about Lichtenberg Air?


66. What is suggested about passengers?


67. According to the notice, what will happen when the price of fuel drops?


Question 68 -71 refer to the following letter.


68. What can be inferred about Ms. Lynch?


69. What is the purpose of the conference?


70. When must speakers return borrowed supplies?


71. What is Ms. Lynch asked to inform Mr. Klein about?


Question 72 – 75 refer to the following letter.


72. Why did Ms. Noonan send a letter to Mr. Jean?


73. What did Ms. Noonan send with the letter?


74. The phrase “settle into” in the second paragraph is closest meaning to:


75. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence belong?

“Your laboratory manager will give you further details after the first day.”


Question 76 – 80 refer to the following web page and e-mail.


76. According to the web page, what must scholarship recipients do?


77. What is indicated about the scholarship applications?


78. In the web page, the word “proficiency” in paragraph 1, line 6, is closest in meaning to


79. What is the purpose of the e-mail?


80. What is suggested about Mr. Porter?


Question 81 – 85 refer to the following invoice and letter.



81. According to the invoice, what amount is due by April 1?


82. What service was NOT provided to Randall Auto Body?


83. Why did Ms. Collins write a letter?


84. What is implied about Sunny Day Cleaning?


85. What dis Ms. Collins send besides her letter?


Question 86 – 90 refer to the following article, web page and certificate.



86. How are Jordan Mills and Michael Owens similar?


87. What is indicated about Freewheel?


88. What is most likely true about Michael Owens?


89. The word “respite” in the title of the article is closest in meaning to


90. What is certificate awarding?


Question 91 – 95 refer to the following e-mails.



91. What job does Mr. Alberts have?


92. What is indicated about Action Services?


93. According to the e-mails, what can you infer?


94. Why did Action Services contact Emergent Solutions?


95. What kind of business is Action Services?


Question 96 – 100 refer to the following e-mails and table.


96. What is most likely true about James and Aaron?


97. What is indicated about Aaron?


98. According to the information provided, what is true about James?


99. What is the problem with the sales leads James gave to Aaron?


100. What is the job that Mr. Jones most likely has?



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Learning (Học theo dự án) chú trọng hoàn
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tương tác theo tình huống
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