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Thảo An thi ngày 10/9 (R: 7.5 – L: 8.5 – W: 6.5 – S: 6.5 – Overall: 7.5)Nguyễn Minh Thảo An là học viên của Sylvan Learning Trương Định, thi IELTS ngày 10/9/2016. Xuất phát từ IELTS 4.5, sau 1 năm học tại Sylvan Learning, bạn đã xuất sắc đạt IELTS 7.5.

“Dear all teachers and Sylvan Learning staffs,

Merely a year studying in Sylvan Learning lifted my English skills to another level. I was really amazed to achieved the IELTS results of band 7.5

Special thanks to Mr. Nigel, Mr. David, Mr. Đức Anh and all the friendly staffs.

I started studying with pretty low scores most of the time. However, thanks to all the help and encouragement from all the friendly staffs and professional teachers, my skills started getting better and better and eventually, my scores have improved amazingly. And I’m even more appreciate to Mr. Nigel and Mr. David – my two favorite teachers. Your tips were very helpful and thanks to you, I was able to understand and use all those new vocabulary, phrases, expression and many others.

It’s incredible for me to achieve such high scores like this. I wouldn’t have succeeded getting these marks without the help of all the wonderful teachers and staffs here at Sylvan Learning. Once again, thank you all very much with all of my appreciation.

Your student,


Thao An

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